Therapy Anywhere: The Benefits of Remote Counseling

With advancements in technology, counseling services can be offered anywhere - at home, at work, or during lunch. Regardless of the weather or lack of transportation, remote counseling opens the door to new treatment options. It allows you to be in a place where you’re most comfortable. You can connect with your therapist by merely joining a call from your home, while sitting in your pajamas and sipping on a cup of tea.

The Benefits of Telehealth

Telehealth offers many benefits for clients. It’s a powerful strategy that makes counseling easier and convenient. Some key benefits to telehealth are:

Flexibility: With telehealth, all psychotherapy sessions are secure and provides a real-time two-way communication that allows you to receive counseling anywhere. Counseling sessions are conducted at times that best fit your schedule, and you’re no longer confined to a nine to five schedule. You also avoid having to wait in a lobby to meet with your therapist.

Convenience: Telehealth is impressive in that it does not constrain you to a specific physical location. In addition to being at home or the office, you can receive counseling sessions while taking a nature walk or relaxing by the ocean. You can easily connect with your therapists as long as you have a phone and an Internet connection. Some of the common barriers like not being able to get off from work, the office is too far away, or your car breaking down can no longer impact your therapy sessions.

Your Therapist is Always Nearby: Telehealth allows you to always have your counselor just a few clicks away. It opens the door for more communication while enhancing the therapy experience. Also, it offers therapy during nontraditional hours, allowing early morning and night-time access to your counselor. You also avoid the perceived social stigma associated with receiving mental health care, for remote counseling provides a greater amount of privacy.

Regardless of the counseling session, whether it’s individual counseling, sex therapy, relationship counseling, child and adolescent therapy, telehealth offers significant value. Each remote counseling session is uniquely structured for optimum treatment regardless of age or circumstances. It’s a new path to healing and growing.    

What type of technology do you need to use telehealth services?

You will need a device that has a video camera, similar to FaceTime or Skype. You will also need Internet access via Chrome or Firefox browser. Virtually all smartphones provide easy access to telehealth services. A desktop computer, laptop, or tablet are also ways of accessing a video calling app. There are a variety of video calling apps available, and accommodations can be made to use the one that you feel most comfortable with.

In conclusion, telehealth services are an excellent option for busy or working individuals. It offers real-time solutions to psychotherapy that are affordable, flexible, and convenient. It eliminates the physical requirements of an in-office visit while allowing you the ability to be anywhere.

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