Free Sexual Abuse Counseling Template

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My work with survivors of sexual abuse:

My work is based on several theories as well as my own experiences and encounters working with survivors, their families, and communities who have faced sexual abuse. While I couldn’t help but find common denominators, themes, and patterns among those sexual abuse cases, I  can honestly say that each client was incredibility different. I found there was no single step by step approach that could be used for all sexual abuse cases, but I have found empirical approaches (TF-CBT and EMDR, to name a few) that are most beneficial when incorporated into a good therapeutic relationship and sexual abuse counseling. While I do incorporate these empirical treatments, my work is also grounded in attachment and trauma and cognitive behavioral therapies, with the integration of expressive experiential (art, play, etc.) modalities.

A Model for sexual abuse counseling:

My model for sexual abuse counseling is a step-by-step guided approach that lends itself to incorporate your favorite empirical treatments as well as your unique style. I created this as I’ve found that although survivors were vastly different, each seemed to call for some of the same overall actions on the part of the therapist.

A step by step guide:

Do note this is a free guide/checklist. It is a companion to my upcoming book mentioned below. As a result of what I learned and experienced, I developed a step-by-step practical guide to counseling sexual abuse clients. I have comprised a go-to guided approach that consists of seven steps:

  1. Engage First Contact
  2. Conduct Assessment
  3. Be Mindful of Crisis Management
  4. Build Support/Coping System(s)
  5. Introduce Individualized Healing
  6. Assist New Self-Expression
  7. Teach Self-Assessment

My upcoming book:

Each of these steps is further explained in my upcoming book published by Safer Society Press. This book will give positive and negative case examples under each step as it highlight what can go right and/or wrong if one of the steps is overlooked. These case scenarios really emphasize the importance of each step. Sign up for my newsletter (bottom of home page) and I'll let you know when it arrives.

This digital download product is for helping professionals (only) faced with treating survivors of sexual abuse. Utilize the instructions. You may always contact me for consultation.


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