Constance DelGiudice

My Mission

I'm a steadfast optimist at heart. I truly believe you can live an incredibly fulfilling life. I genuinely love life, and I believe happiness, joy, and contentment are our natural states. We are built for positivity. 

A fulfilling life looks different for everyone, as each person is unique and deserves individualized self-expression. Finding what that is for you means discovering who you genuinely are. It means to create and live the life you want. Having great self-confidence, a satisfying career, fulfilling relationships—that is my mission.

My Private Practice & My Media Company


Founder and Owner

Welcome to my company, a counseling, coaching, and self-empowerment practice.

I founded this practice to help and support people, so you've come to the right place! Read here to learn more about my professional specialties, and read here to learn more about me from a personal perspective. You can learn more about what my practice has to offer you below. Read here to learn more about my professional specialties, and read here to learn more about me from a personal perspective.

Situated in Stuart, Florida, my practice provides a warm, compassionate, and confidential environment for us to work through life's obstacles. Unlike most other medical professions, the environment in counseling and coaching is essential to the process and your success. Creating a positive atmosphere for our sessions begins here with this website and ends when you leave the practice feeling lighter and smiling. My practice is centrally located with plenty of off-street parking and nearby activities and restaurants. Once inside, you'll find my practice friendly, perfectly lit, relaxing, and encouraging. The counseling rooms are discreetly shielded from onlookers, and I take the time to ensure that your sessions are confidential, comfortable, and constructive.

Phone and Video Counseling and Coaching.

I've got you covered. I'll help us to set the environment so that we are both comfortable to engage in a phone or video session.

Educational Resources.

I do my best to write most of what I sell and publish. If I didn't write it, I go over it in detail. I ensure it makes sense and that the material is consistent to what I know has credibility. Of course, as with any programs and services, results may vary. Your results will be based on many variables, such as level of effort, business acumen, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a host of other factors. See disclaimers here.

My vision is for people to be happy, free from mental, emotional, and physical pain—or at least be able to manage the pain so that it doesn't manage you. Of course, happiness is different for everyone, and that's one of the things that I love about what I do. I love finding that thing you consider to be happiness and then working with you to achieve it. Whether it's about living large and abundantly or simply learning how to relax, we will uncover your best life and start celebrating it. You can lead a life of mental, emotional, and physical health. Most importantly, you can create the life you want!

"My life experiences have set me up to assist people in finding themselves, living out their dreams, whatever they may be, and having the life that they've always wanted!"

What are some of my company's guiding philosophies?

  • To ensure clarity every step of the way.
  • To do everything possible to ensure your confidentiality.
  • To collaborate with you, as you know more about yourself than you realize or live out.
  • To assist you in bringing your know-how out with confidence, an then, of course, providing skills and tools when needed.
  • To practice what I preach (be real, congruent, and mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy).
  • To provide you with the latest and greatest research-based strategies.
  • To only practice in counseling and coaching areas in which I'm confident.
  • To continue to grow within my specialties.
  • To provide you with the appropriate resources for optimum success.

"I take pride in being a person who uses introspection and inspiration to continually live and create a life filled with meaning, purpose, and celebration. After living this path for years, I compassionately and creatively bring an array of well-thought-out life and professional experiences to my clients. I don't use cookie-cutter models, as each person is unique and deserves a tailored approach."