Terms and Conditions

Find the package you purchased (Online Counseling, Coaching, or Educational Resources). Then, by accepting the Terms and Conditions, you are in agreement.

Online Counseling:

  1. I am aware that I may only engage in Online Counseling, if I am, at the time of the session, in the state of Florida.
  2. I will not engage in sessions while I am driving or intoxicated. 
  3. I read and agree to the office policies and procedures. 
  4. I understand the risks associated with electronic media sources.

Online Coaching:

  1. I understand that Life Coaching, Business Coaching, or Relationship Coaching is in no way counseling. 
  2. If I believe I am being counseled, instead of coached, I will immediately bring this to the attention of Constance DelGiudice. 
  3. I know the difference between counseling and coaching.
  4. I have read and agree to the coaching policies and procedures.
  5. I understand the risks associated with electronic media sources.  

Educational Resources:

  1. I understand that any educational materials bought on this site are not designed with the intention to replace medically necessary psychotherapy.
  2. I have read and agree to the Terms Of Use, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer placed at the footer of this site. 

Thank you the interest you have in my services. I truly look forward to working with you. 

Dr Constance DelGiudice